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Step into drawing

Do you enjoy drawing? Well, some of you may want to take this step…and then, hang out at the Art for Kids Hub website! 🙂

Welcome to Art for Kids Hub!

Here you’ll find all kinds of art lessons for kids, including how to draw for kids, even painting, and origami for kids.

Art for Kids Hub



MobyMax from Home

The team at MobyMax has put together a handy guide for parents that details how kids can use MobyMax at home. It includes a description of the program, sign-in instructions, and suggestions for what students should work on.

I know some of you have spent significant time diving into learning opportunities on MobyMax. Others may just be getting started. Either way, here are a few more things to think about as you consider lessons and activities they offer.

We have already completed units that focus on addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. So, lessons that emphasize these areas would be good for keeping math skills sharp. We have also been working hard to increase fact fluency. So, it will be really important to hit the facts hard so we don’t lose ground in this area.

We just wrapped up the first few lessons of the fractions unit. So, it may be fun to explore fractions lessons. We will be working with fractions with like denominators, mixed numbers with like denominators, and multiplying fractions and whole numbers. 

Click here for the Quick Guide to Using Moby from Home.


Step into STEAM!

Mrs. Totten shared an online learning opportunity that you may choose to step into…

Students “can finish up the energy lesson (it was the last one in our unit…we were soooo close to being done!) in Google Classroom.  The students know how to get to it through Clever and I posted directions on what to do to complete it…they may enjoy getting to do it on their own instead of in a group!”



Ready to step out?

It’s been a week! Some of you may be ready to “step out”. You may be ready for a Field Trip Friday adventure. If you have time, you may choose to get started today…and then, enjoy more of it over the weekend. Here are a few opportunities:

San Diego Zoo: The San Diego Zoo has a special kids section filled with videos, activities and games. Check it out here.

Yellowstone National Park: You don’t have to wait for a trip to Yellowstone to check out Mud Volcano, Mammoth Hot Springs, or Fort Yellowstone. You can take a virtual tour here.

Mars: Ever wanted to see Mars? Now you can explore the surface of Mars on the Curiosity Rover through a 360 digital view.

Have fun stepping out into your Friday Field Trip! 🙂 


Math Challenge Answers

So, you decided to take the “next step” math challenge. Way to go! The problems were not easy…

Seth had some marbles that he shared equally with Josh. Then Josh gave half of his marbles to his sister, Elaine. If Elaine received 4 marbles, how many marbles did Seth start with?

Seth started with 16 marbles.


A museum holds two crafts days for children. They have enough supplies for 138 projects. On Saturday, 72 children make projects. On Sunday, 57 children make projects. If each child makes one project, does the museum have enough supplies for all the children? Explain how you can use estimation to answer the question.

Yes, the museum has enough supplies for all the children. I know this because I rounded 72 to 70 and 57 to 60. Since 70 is an underestimate and 60 is an overestimate, it should be reasonable. Then, I used mental math to add 70 + 60 = 130.


Jenny has $155. She buys 4 framed pictures for $22 each. Then, she buys a book for $18. How much money does Jenny have left?

Jenny has $49 left.

How did you do? Check back later for more math challenges! 🙂

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