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It truly was an OUTSTANDING year, in spite of the COVID challenges! This amazing class was recognized for outstanding behavior sixty-four times.

The majority of their “outstandings” were earned in Art, Music, P.E. and STEAM. What makes it even more amazing is that the teachers in these areas continue to raise the bar for what is expected to earn an outstanding in their classroom. The students in room 302 rose to the challenge!

This accomplishment required every student in the classroom to work hard, be a leader (using words and actions), and respond to classmates reminders to fix things up when needed. They understood that their individual choices made a significant impact on the class as a whole.

Wow! This special group of fourth graders not only encouraged each other to be respectful and responsible, but they were also an amazing example for all of the other students at Georgetown Elementary!

Way to go outstanding students of room 302!


KHC (Kid’s Heart Challenge)

Kids Heart Challenge information went home on Friday and will begin on Feb. 1.  Please note that this program is for the American Heart Association and can only be done online.  For more information ask your child for the KHC envelope they got today and you can also go to the PE Blog 


Get ready, get set…

it’s go time! The students in our classroom will record their concussion videos on Wednesday, Feb. 3. They are welcome to bring props and dress up!

Thanks for your help, they are so excited!!

Mrs. Angela Totten

STEAM Studio Teacher
Georgetown Elementary


P.E. Apparel Sale

The Annual Hudsonville PE Apparel sale is happening now until February 1.The store is online only. For more information go to the PE Blog or click on this link 2021-PE-Apparel

Click on this link to shop or click on the link in the information flyer!


Step into drawing

Do you enjoy drawing? Well, some of you may want to take this step…and then, hang out at the Art for Kids Hub website! 🙂

Welcome to Art for Kids Hub!

Here you’ll find all kinds of art lessons for kids, including how to draw for kids, even painting, and origami for kids.

Art for Kids Hub


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