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It truly was an OUTSTANDING year! This amazing class was recognized for outstanding behavior seventy-two times.

The majority of their “outstandings” were earned in Art, Music, P.E. and STEAM. What makes it even more amazing is that the teachers in these areas continue to raise the bar for what is expected to earn an outstanding in their classroom. The students in room 304 rose to the challenge!

This accomplishment required every student in the classroom to work hard, be a leader (using words and actions), and respond to classmates reminders to fix things up when needed. They understood that their individual choices made a significant impact on the class as a whole.

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Wow! This special group of fourth graders not only encouraged each other to be respectful and responsible, but they were also an amazing example for all of the other students at Georgetown Elementary! 

Way to go outstanding students of room 304! 🙂


Who were the winners of the Super Hero Walk-a-thon?

The students and staff at Georgetown Elementary!  Over $21,000 was raised to help buy tech tools and pay for events like POPCORN DAYS; Field Trips, materials for ART, MUSIC, PE, STEAM STUDIO; Library BOOKS; PARENT/CHILD Special Events and MORE.  So, we all win!  Thank you students, parents, relatives, and neighbors…your donations will make a HUGE difference at Georgetown!

Our classroom was also recognized for having the highest participation in raising money for the walk-a-thon! As a result, we were able to enjoy donuts from Sprinkles! 🙂  Thanks again! 



P.E. CARES Celebration

P.E. C.A.R.E.S. was a huge success!  A total of 2,653 food donations were brought in and distributed to families in need during the Thanksgiving season.  Thank you for supporting this school community service project!  

The students (and families) in our classroom were incredibly generous in donating food items.  As a result, we will be celebrating with a bowling party tomorrow.  We are really looking forward to our trip to Hudsonville Lanes!images

We also plan to enjoy a pizza lunch that has been donated by the family of one of our students!  Thank you for making this celebration extra special!  

Check back soon…pictures are coming!  





Pizza Celebration!

smile clipartIt’s time to celebrate!  Tomorrow, October 27, we will celebrate being recognized twenty times for outstanding behavior with a pizza lunch.

I will provide two slices of pizza from Little Caesers and Hawaiian Punch for each person.  Students are welcome to  supplement as desired.



Pizza Celebration!

pizza and girlIt’s time to celebrate!  On Thursday, September 18, we will be celebrating excellent choices made by the students in our classroom with a pizza lunch.

I will provide two slices of pizza from Little Caesars and Hawaiian Punch for each person.  Students are welcome to  supplement as desired.

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