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P.E. C.A.R.E.S. Celebration!

Our celebration at Hudsonville Lanes was a lot of fun! Thank you to everyone who helped make it happen! 🙂





Celebration Friday

imgresIt’s time to celebrate respectful and responsible behavior by the students in our classroom!  They have all been working hard and have been recognized 30 times for outstanding behavior in the lunchroom, hallway, art, music, P.E., STEAM, and our classroom!

The specialist teachers have recently “upped the game” and are expecting more from the students.  In order to earn an outstanding, they must work quietly, listen/follow directions, clean up, work together, and include others…and they are responding!

So, one of the ways we are planning to celebrate is to have an electronics and/or game day tomorrow, December 2.  Please talk with your child about appropriate electronics to bring and games to play.  We’re looking forward to a fun time of celebrating!


M-STEP Celebration!

Dear Parents,celebration-clipart-dancing-people

M-STEP is in the books!  I would like you to know that the students in our classroom did an amazing job.  Their commitment to excellence is definitely worthy of celebrating.  They were incredibly focused and diligent in their problem solving! I can’t say enough good about what I saw over the past two weeks! 🙂  Thanks for all that you did to help set your child up for success.

So, tomorrow we are planning to celebrate with a pizza lunch!  I will be providing two slices of pizza from Jet’s and Hawaiian Punch for each person.  They are welcome to supplement as desired.
Thanks again!
Mr. K



Pizza Celebration!

smile clipartIt’s time to celebrate!  On Friday, October 9, we will be celebrating excellent choices made by the students in our classroom with a pizza lunch.

I will provide two slices of pizza from Jet’s and Hawaiian Punch for each person.  Students are welcome to  supplement as desired.


M-STEP Celebration…Part 2

2 color eagleTo celebrate the massive amount of hard work our fourth grade students put into M-STEP, we are having an Eagle Spirit Day on Friday, May 15.

Plan to dress up in full maize and blue gear and show your Eagle pride!

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