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Who were the winners of the Super Hero Walk-a-thon?

The students and staff at Georgetown Elementary!  Over $21,000 was raised to help buy tech tools and pay for events like POPCORN DAYS; Field Trips, materials for ART, MUSIC, PE, STEAM STUDIO; Library BOOKS; PARENT/CHILD Special Events and MORE.  So, we all win!  Thank you students, parents, relatives, and neighbors…your donations will make a HUGE difference at Georgetown!

Our classroom was also recognized for having the highest participation in raising money for the walk-a-thon! As a result, we were able to enjoy donuts from Sprinkles! 🙂  Thanks again! 



5th Grade Donut Fundraiser

Want to buy some donuts?  The money goes toward a fantastic cause:  5th Grade Celebration Fundraiser. On Thursday, February 17, you can purchase a donut at school.

And…..these aren’t just any donuts…they’re KRISPY KREMES!

These specialty GLAZED donuts can help you kick off your long winter break!

Complete this order form so we have your donuts ready on Thursday, Feb 17: Georgetown 5th grade donut

$1/glazed Krispy Kreme Donut

$7 for One Dozen Donuts

$14/Partner Card = 12 dozen donuts.

Partner Card: $14/card which allows you to pick up 12 dozen donuts at any Krispy Kreme location! For the price of two dozen…you get 12 dozen! Best Deal!

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