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MobyMax from Home

The team at MobyMax has put together a handy guide for parents that details how kids can use MobyMax at home. It includes a description of the program, sign-in instructions, and suggestions for what students should work on.

I know some of you have spent significant time diving into learning opportunities on MobyMax. Others may just be getting started. Either way, here are a few more things to think about as you consider lessons and activities they offer.

We have already completed units that focus on addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. So, lessons that emphasize these areas would be good for keeping math skills sharp. We have also been working hard to increase fact fluency. So, it will be really important to hit the facts hard so we don’t lose ground in this area.

We just wrapped up the first few lessons of the fractions unit. So, it may be fun to explore fractions lessons. We will be working with fractions with like denominators, mixed numbers with like denominators, and multiplying fractions and whole numbers. 

Click here for the Quick Guide to Using Moby from Home.


How can you challenge yourself?

In our classroom, I strive to provide structured activities that are challenging and supportive for all students. However, I also want them to take ownership of their learning. One way I encourage this is for the students to determine ways they can challenge themselves when they have completed an assigned task.  My hope was to keep students who finished early engaged. The results have been amazing!

As we began to recognize and celebrate what they were doing, other students began to catch the vision and wanted to be a part of the “challenge” challenge.  

For example, students explored ways to challenge themselves in math. They were assigned the task of dividing a three digit number by a one digit number, which is a grade level expectation. Many of them chose to challenge themselves by dividing a much larger number.  They were even doing these challenge problems on the bus and at home…and then sharing them the next day at school! 🙂


Kids do the craziest things…

after doing well on a math test!



Math Dictionary Link

math book

Please explore the Math Dictionary link listed under Students in the sidebar of our classroom blog.  I think you will find it to be a helpful resource for our current math unit on angles and polygons.


Angle Game

Parents, please check out these two videos about the “angle game” that Mr. Bowen is playing in his challenge math class today and next week.



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