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Mindful Giving Update

Your generous donations this November during our MINDFUL GIVING service project raised enough money to purchase 48 lights for the staff at Nyaka School in Uganda Africa.  The staff wanted us to see photos of the reception in which they received their lights.  Thank you to everyone for the donations which brought light to this community of learners.


Two Acts of Mindful Giving

The students in our classroom took the challenge to support our schoolwide service projects, PE Cares and SPARK, very seriously!  

As a class, our goal was to collect 60 nonperishable food items.  Amazingly, over 140 items were donated, which will supply local families with much needed food.

Our other goal was to raise $60 for the SPARK Foundation.  Again, the generosity of our students and their families was above and beyond as we collected $120, which will provide 4 rechargeable solar lights for schools in Uganda!

Thank you for helping others, both locally and globally! 🙂


Mindful Giving

From November 5-16, we will be engaged in a school wide service project called TWO ACTS OF MINDFUL GIVING:  LOCAL AND GLOBAL.

I will provide an update on our class giving on Friday Nov 8 and Friday Nov 16.

  • Our class goal is to raise $60 and bring in 60 non-perishable items.   
  • We would like every child to donate 2 non-perishable food items and 2 dollars toward this service project.
  • The canned goods will supply local families with much needed food.  The money will purchase a rechargeable solar light for schools in Uganda.
  • To find out more about this special project, please visit our GEORGETOWN BLOG. And…thank you for giving!
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