One step at a time…

Last Friday, we talked about a lot of things in our classroom. Mostly academic, but some about our current situation. I appreciate the struggle for finding answers to our many questions. It was clear during our conversations that we can’t let fear consume us. We need to be wise, but not live in fear. So, we talked about the need to take the next step – what is the next thing we are going to do? 

Yesterday, I woke up to the reality that I was not in our classroom with our amazing fourth grade class. I have to say that it was very disappointing. I really enjoy spending my days with them! 🙂

My “next step” yesterday was to start reading a book that looked interesting. The hot cup of coffee that I sipped on as I pushed through the pages made this time even more enjoyable!

The “next step” for many of the students in our classroom could be to find a chunk of time during the day to read. They all brought four books (with reading logs) home to help keep their reading skills sharp during our time away. (Some reassured me that they had a book or two at home that they really wanted to read.) So, it may be time to grab one of those books, find a comfy spot away from other people, and get lost in it.

I would really enjoy seeing students taking this “next step”…so, parents, would you be willing to take a picture of your special 4th grade student, in a comfy spot, with a good book and email it to me? I may even be able to post some of them on our blog! 🙂

Check back later for another “next step” idea! 🙂