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Kids Heart Challenge Update

We are SO CLOSE to meeting our needed sign up to get $500 worth of PE EQUIPMENT! We need just 26 more kids…that is one student per class.

The Kids Heart Challenge does not involve money — it simply involves registering and committing to taking care of your heart through exercise and diet.

Here is the link to the Kids Heart Challenge BLOG POST.

Our school page for registration can be found here – GEORGETOWN ELEMENTARY

WE CAN DO IT! Just 26 more kids and we will have $500 worth of PE equipment for everyone to use!




Posted by  on Wednesday, January 28th 2015

Kooiker Gaga winners

the fourth graders of Mr. Kooiker’s class!  Because they are the top earning class, they will be the first class to use the GAGA PIT  this spring.

We raised $1,200.  We have an additional $400 from the PTC (parent WALKATHON donations).  Our PE teachers, Mrs. Nienhuis and Mrs. VanKoevering, will be working with Mr. Rob to order the materials and build of the GAGA PIT.  This will happen when the weather warms up in early May.

THANK YOU for your amazing support for our school and the PE PROGRAM!


Turkey Trot

This is a final reminder from our gym teachers about  the Turkey Trot!  Forms are due today, October 8!


Check out their blog post by clicking here.




Turkey Trot

A note from Mrs. Nurenberg:

Hi Georgetown Parents!

Just a quick note to make sure you are aware of a DATE CHANGE for the Turkey Trot.  The “Blog Bits” and the “PE Blog” had the date of Tuesday. October 29.  However, plans have changed it will be HELD on MONDAY, OCTOBER 28!!

Sorry about the confusion and any inconvenience this may have caused.

Happy Monday and have a great afternoon!

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