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Two Acts of Mindful Giving

The students in our classroom took the challenge to support our schoolwide service projects, PE Cares and SPARK, very seriously!  

As a class, our goal was to collect 60 nonperishable food items.  Amazingly, over 140 items were donated, which will supply local families with much needed food.

Our other goal was to raise $60 for the SPARK Foundation.  Again, the generosity of our students and their families was above and beyond as we collected $120, which will provide 4 rechargeable solar lights for schools in Uganda!

Thank you for helping others, both locally and globally! 🙂


Mindful Giving

From November 5-16, we will be engaged in a school wide service project called TWO ACTS OF MINDFUL GIVING:  LOCAL AND GLOBAL.

I will provide an update on our class giving on Friday Nov 8 and Friday Nov 16.

  • Our class goal is to raise $60 and bring in 60 non-perishable items.   
  • We would like every child to donate 2 non-perishable food items and 2 dollars toward this service project.
  • The canned goods will supply local families with much needed food.  The money will purchase a rechargeable solar light for schools in Uganda.
  • To find out more about this special project, please visit our GEORGETOWN BLOG. And…thank you for giving!
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