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If you are looking for some fun…

…try getting 23 fourth graders to agree on how to spend $50. 

We had that opportunity earlier in the year in our classroom. The PTC gave us an Amazon gift card for having the highest percentage of participation for this year’s Super Hero Walk-a-thon.  

We wrestled with fun ways to spend the money and in the end found something for everyone! 

Thanks again for supporting the students at Georgetown and thank you PTC for the gift card to Amazon! 🙂



Who were the winners of the Super Hero Walk-a-thon?

The students and staff at Georgetown Elementary!  Over $21,000 was raised to help buy tech tools and pay for events like POPCORN DAYS; Field Trips, materials for ART, MUSIC, PE, STEAM STUDIO; Library BOOKS; PARENT/CHILD Special Events and MORE.  So, we all win!  Thank you students, parents, relatives, and neighbors…your donations will make a HUGE difference at Georgetown!

Our classroom was also recognized for having the highest participation in raising money for the walk-a-thon! As a result, we were able to enjoy donuts from Sprinkles! 🙂  Thanks again! 



Superhero Walk-a-thon

The 2017 Superhero Walk-a-thon was a HUGE success! It was a little on the warm side, but we had lots of fun! 

Please remember to turn in your completed donation forms and money tomorrow, September 25.  Thank you! 🙂



Runner-up Rocks!

The 2016 Georgetown Walk-a-thon was a HUGE success!  As a school, we raised over $18,000!  The support and generous donations of students, parents, family, and community will make a significant difference in our building!  Thank you!!!

The students in our classroom grabbed hold of the everybody-doing-something attitude and parents supported it…which resulted our classroom having the second highest participation in the school!  The result?  Donuts from Sprinkles!  Runner-up does rock!  Please take a look at the slideshow below to get a taste of our celebration!


          Walk-a-thon 2016


Walk-A-Thon 2016

Friday, September 23, is going to be a RED, WHITE, and BLUE day at Georgetown Elementary! Get decked out for a fun event! Parents are welcome to attend and walk with their child!Image6726

Here is a link to the Georgetown’s Blog Walk-A-Thon post!

This is our only fundraiser, so let’s do it up big!

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