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Jet’s Pizza Winners!

Great news from the Georgetown “Blog Bits”…

JET’S PIZZA NIGHT WINNER……… is 4th Grade……. Mr. Kooiker!!  Way to go 4th graders.  Jet’s will be supplying a pizza party for lunch for Mr. K’s class!!

Thank you for supporting the students at Georgetown Elementary through the Jet’s Pizza fundraiser!  We will set a date and enjoy delicious Jet’s pizza soon! 🙂


Walk-a-thon Winners


All of the students at Georgetown win because of the HUGE success of the 2013 Trek for Tech Walk-a-thon!  The money raised will help buy tech tools and pay for events like popcorn days, Just Write, parent/child outings, and more. Thank you SO much for your support!


Pool Party Winners:  TOP EARNERS
  • Laura Burgess (Kuieck)
  • Jackson Burgess (Yankee)
  • Sheyla Plummer (Bialochowski)
  • Ava Burlison (VanArkel)
  • Leah Burlison (Stutz)
  • Bryce Counts (Woodring)
  • Isabelle Swiercz (Quigley)


  • 1st place class = Limo + Pizza Ranch Winners Mrs. Woodring’s Class with $929.08
  • 2nd place class = 2 Extra Recesses  Mr. Kooiker’s class with $897
  • 3rd place class = Extra Recess Ms. Yankee with $775


Top Earner FROM EACH GRADE:  Pizza and Dessert with Mrs. Reagan
  • 5th = Connor Mesman (Bialochowski)
  • 4th = Quinton Tomaszewski (Kooiker)
  • 3rd = Liz Havens (McDonald)
  • 2nd = Mckenzie Haan (Ray)
  • 1st = Sierra Hutmacher (Woodring)
  • K = Ainslee Tomaszewski (Estefan)


TOTAL EARNED: $14, 394.99….Not enough for the SUMO WRESTLING EVENT…but a HUGE AMOUNT FOR OUR WONDERFUL SCHOOL!  Thank you everyone!
There are several individual prizes (Book Fair gift certificates, movie tickets, etc.) that will be awarded.  We will be drawing names for these and sending out emails to parents.  We are still in the process of cross checking names, etc.

COW BELLS:  These will be passed out to students as soon as we receive them!  If you earned $25 or more, you will receive a cow bell.



Walk-a-thon Winners

     Our walkathon money has been counted and the winners have been selected.  Together we raised $14,283.64 for our school.  Thank you for your support and generosity!
     Congratulations to Sophie Vanderkolk  and Emma Everts from our classroom!  Sophie earned a pizza party with Mrs. Reagan for being the top money earner from 4th grade and Emma Everts won the Laser Tag Family Fun package.  Listed below are those who received special recognition for this year’s walkathon.
Top 5 earners for pool party
  • Sheyla Plummer (Huizenga)
  • Eva Burlison (Quigley)
  • Annelise Ham (Van Arkel)
  • Eva Ham (Van Arkel)
  • Alivia Peterson (VanKoevering)
Top earners from each grade for pizza party with Mrs. Reagan
  • K grade:  Seth Miller  (Iwema)
  • 1st grade:  Isabelle Swiercz  (Taber)
  • 2nd grade: Patrick Jones  (Greenlund)
  • 3rd grade:  Ethan Impens  (Vanderstel)
  • 4th grade: Sophia Vanderkolk  (Kooiker)
  • 5th grade:  Leah Vandenberg (Gort)
Top classroom for Limo ride
  • Mrs. Quigley’s Second Grade Class
Laser Tag Family Fun Package Winner
  • Emma Everts in Mr. Kooiker’s 4th grade class
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