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P.E News

We are excited that we are able to have field day again this year for the 4th and 5th graders!  It will be held on June 6! The PE department is selling field day t-shirts for the event. It is not required that students buy them, however they would like the students to wear the correct coordinating color for their grade and gender. Shirts can be ordered online through the store link below. 

T-Shirt Colors:

4th grade girls- Green

4th grade boys – Yellow

Store Link:


Art Show!

It’s time to celebrate our creative school community once again! The Art Department is excited to once again host an in-person art show featuring artwork from Kindergarten students all the way up to High School artists. Drop in during Georgetown’s Reception Night, or any weekday between April 18th through the 26th. See the details below.
Hudsonville PS District Student Art Show
Hudsonville City Hall – 3275 Central Blvd.
Open Weekdays from April 18th – April 26th; 8:00am – 5:00pm
Georgetown Elementary Reception
Tuesday, April 19th
5:30pm – 7:30pm


“Outstanding” Valentine’s Party

Due to the snow day on Friday and Winter Break on Monday and Tuesday…we pivoted to Party Plan B for our “Outstanding” Valentine’s Day party – a combination of our Outstanding celebration and Valentine’s Day party.

We shared Valentines with classmates and enjoyed donuts from Sprinkles on Wednesday.

We played Snowball in the gym on Thursday and watched UP on Friday afternoon. Pjs, stuffed animals and popcorn from Wesco were also a part of our celebration.

Our Valentine’s party turned into a week of fun! 🙂


PE CARES Celebration!

Thanks to the generosity of many people during the PE CARES food drive, the community benefitted and we had the opportunity to celebrate at Hudsonville Lanes. Yeah, we had a whole lot of fun! 🙂
We received PE CARES t-shirts. They were donated by Hudsonville Lanes. We were one stylin’ group! When we got back to the school, students had an opportunity to sign each other’s shirts.
We also celebrated our Jet’s Pizza night pizza party at Hudsonville Lanes! Mmmm…it was SO good! 🙂


PE News

GT Students have kicked off Kids Heart Challenge (KHC) this week in P.E.  For more information and details please visit the PE Blog.   
A reminder that the annual PE apparel sale is now happening and information regarding that can also be found on the PE Blog!
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